Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree

Notes & Projects by James Priest

Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree

This site contains my study notes and project submissions for:

The program is divided into three stages each taking approximately 2 months to complete.

Course Notes

These notes contain lesson transcripts along with screenshots, sample code, & links.

Core Curriculum

Stage 1: Accessible & Responsive Web Apps

Stage 2: Dynamic & Offline Capable Web Apps

Stage 3: Performant Web Apps

Optional Courses


Restaurant App Stage 1

Restaurant App Stage 2

Restaurant App Stage 3

Curriculum & Courses

The core curriculum is split into three parts or stages and consists of courses provided by Udacity and developed by Google.

Stage 1. Accessible & Responsive Web Apps

Stage2. Dynamic & Offline Web Apps

Stage 3. Performant Web Apps

These are additional classes and courses.